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Roberson Computer Consulting, Inc. -- Powerful Computer Solutions


RCC helps organizations harness the power of computers, networks, and the Internet.

We provide technical and business consulting and project management. We do systems, LAN, and Internet engineering and administration. We also provide application, web, and scripting programming.... Powerful Computer Solutions are just around the corner!

RCC Points of Interest

# Barclays Global Investors
RCC client and financial company Barclays Global Investors use innovation to deliver high-performance investments. RCC uses its consulting experience and technology skills to help BGI stay a leader in this field.
RCC client and start-up helps businesses manage and track their human assets with special focus on competencies. RCC worked with to design and implement their computing infrastructure.
RCC client and dot-com startup provided an Internet-based solution for staffing. In particular, their sophisticated matching methodology helped produce precise matches of positions and people.
# Levi Strauss & Co.
RCC worked with Levi's at a senior level in rolling out a new, large, and global computer network utilizing Windows NT and HPUX as the primary server operating systems.
Over the years, RCC has worked with IBM on many consulting projects. In one example, we produced the IBM Memory Products' web pages. We consulted with IBM to develop versions of their datasheets tailored to exploit the web medium. We created automated conversion tools from FrameMaker to HTML for this vast set of datasheets.
# General Motors
RCC helped General Motors with several automation projects for their parts catalogs. Most recently, we developed an Acrobat plug-in with a sophisticated GUI front end for sales innovation. The application allows the sales force and customers to produce a purchase request directly from the electronic catalog in the widely-used Acrobat format.
# MAPICS, Inc.
RCC has helped MAPICS with several automation projects to help produce and maintain MAPICS' large set of technical documentation. Reusability was a major goal and RCC wrote a FrameMaker-to-Oracle application to help MAPICS succeed in this arena..
# Sony
RCC helped produce a client/server document management system for Sony's Microelectronics division.

Other Points of Interest

# UC Berkeley
A most excellent university.

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